Here’s to Good Intentions

The road to hell may be paved with them, but I am all about the good intentions.

It’s the same every Sunday hangover, I sort my life out. I make the same resolutions, this week will be a different, Monday morning will be a fresh start. I will get up in time to have a good healthy breakfast. I won’t give in to takeaways. I will go to the gym. I will go to every class and practice shorthand everyday. I will drink more water, less cider. I will get my five a day. I will remember to brush my teeth and take off my makeup when I stumble in at 3am. Oh, I will get to bed at a reasonable hour. I will be the me my Granny thinks I am.

By 3am Tuesday morning I’m fully make-uped, unbrushed, passed out on my bed with a cheesy chip on the bedside table.

For me, ‘sorting my life out’ is a weekly routine. I reassess life goals, career plans, fitness objectives. I write To Do lists, I make notes for articles I will write, jot down illustration ideas, I sort my washing, I tidy my room, and within 24 hours all my good intentions have given way to bad habits.

Self-motivation is not a skill I can put down on my CV unfortunately.  But optimism most certainly is. Yes, Sundays resolutions are set aside as soon as I hit the snooze button on Monday morning, but that’s not going to stop me making them all over again next week. If I started every week already resigned to the bad habits and hangovers there wouldn’t be any point in setting the alarm in the first place.

So here I am, an eternal optimist, starting afresh with another writing venture.

And knowing me, I’ll start again Sunday morning.

Here’s to Good Intentions.


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