Simple Pleasures.

Sometimes it’s the little things that give the greatest satisfaction. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about this afternoon.

Just a few of my favourite simple pleasures…

  1. Bookshop browsing without intent to buy.
  2. Fresh fruit.
  3. A fresh pot of tea, the morning’s papers, and a few hours to while away.
  4. A comfortable pub, a few quiet pints, and an overdue catch-up with a good friend.
  5. Well roasted potatoes.
  6. Resting your head on a cool, clean pillowcase after a long day.
  7. Hot showers on cold mornings.
  8. Kicking up autumn leaves.
  9. Getting your hands dirty.
  10. A good hair day.
  11. An out of the blue message.
  12. Bare shoulders and warm nights out.
  13. A walk on the beach.
  14. When your favourite song comes on shuffle.
  15. A bear-hug.

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