The Cost of the Castle…

A Saturday evening spent in the comfort of your own castle, curled up on the sofa with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s watching stupid couples throw away wads of cash on the Million Pound Drop. Is there any simpler pleasure than kicking back at the weekend and putting real life on hold?

But even in this cosy little vacuum, the concerns and considerations of real life creep in. Watching complete strangers lose £550,000 because of a hunch can really bring the weight of financial instability down on you with a thud. The sheer scale of money being pandered about in the final frantic seconds of a question can really make you think – when, if ever, in my lifetime will I ever see that amount of money in one place at one time?

When, if ever, will I actually be able to put together a deposit for a cosy castle of my own? With average house prices reported at £238, 638 this month – how does anyone ever get on the property ladder?

The family castle

A friend of mine recently did manage it, so I know it can be done. This September marked the twelfth year since we moved into the family home my parents built from scratch. Recently, my mother discovered she’s been paying out £80 a month to a savings scheme she didn’t even realise she had – I feel every penny that is prised from my long overdrawn graduate account. How exactly my mother managed to get from my position to not even having to check what direct debits she has whizzing out every month I’m not too sure, but it’s reassuring to know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Recently, my financial situation, thankfully, became a little more stable, but it’s still a case of having enough to tide over rather than planning luxury holidays. But it’s the first step to clambering out of the graduate overdraft (Ulsterbank will be pleased) and another baby step towards someday curling up in my very own castle on a Saturday night. If the mindless couples on Million Pound Drop can walk away with one little bundle of notes and still cash in £25, 000, I guess every little does help.


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